Berdia Intskirveli

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1963

Born on 7 December 1936. Graduated from Tbilisi State Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1963.

Significant roles: Pipicha (Soldier’s Father); Baskan Uchard (The Call); Dvali (The Swimmer); Maxima (The Night Dance); Usante (The Fox and The Grapes); Inquisitor (Joan of Arc), Dazmir (In the Evening Garden as in Colorful Dream), etc. 

Participated in the films and serials: “The Goal”; “Leonardo”; “Swallows Sparrows”; “The Fastest in the World”; “Bandit from the Brick Factory”; “Bata Kekia; “Ebrakalabra”; “The Predecessor”; “Snow in May”; “There-at My Place”; “The Night Dance”; “The Golden Spider”; “The Fortress”; “Ochabanva”; “The Stupid”; “Laureate of the Order of Solitude”; “The Staircase of Virtues”; “One More Georgian Story”; “The Call”; “The Swimmer”; “Not All the Comets Fade Away”; “Robinzoniada or My English Granddad”; “The Opposite Bank”, etc.

Awards: Honored Artist of Ajara