Zaal Goguadze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1995

Bornon 25 July 1973.  Graduated from Tbilisi Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty.

Significant roles:

Murtazi (Lamara); soldier (The Lark); Isaac (Barabbas); doctor’s double (Morphine); Gia (So What If Lilac Is Wet?!); Caligula (Caligula); Osiko (Darispani’s Trouble); Franker (Mamure); Gela (Nugzari and Mephistopheles); Andro (A Bird Has Died in the Grove); Brigela (Two Master’s Servant); Knight (31 June); Macbeth (Macbeth); Max (The Night Porter); Thomas (Thérèse Raquin), King, Fisher (The Winter’s Tale); Onisime (The Witch’s Diary); Isidore (White Banners); Granddad (Syndrome or Who Are You Singing to?!); Mikhailo Gurman (Stolen Happiness); Abulasan (Motherland of Minorities and Majorities); Ben (Tiger); Marcel Duponom (Edith Piaf); Don Juan (Formula of Love or Don Juan); Felix (The Break Up Man); Robert (Haifa Hotel); Vano Pantiashvili (Khanuma).

Participated in the films:

“Identification” (criminal feature-documentary serial); “Tiflis”; “Ano and Vano’s Fairy Tale”; “HEROkratia”.