Tite Komakhidze

Actor of the Batumi Drama Theatre since 1998

Born on 1 January 1975. Graduated from Tbilisi State Theatrical Institute, Acting faculty in 1996, teacher – Levan Mirtskhulava.  

Significant roles: 

Darispani (Darispani’s Trouble); croupier boy (The Land Flowing with); Sharbil (Pseudo Nero); Jeremiah Peachum (The Threepenny Opera); the blind man (Barabbas); Ivane (Divorce); Chichinadze (The Sunny Night); Kosta (So What If Lilac is Wet?); Mephistopheles (Nugzari and Mephistopheles); Truffaldino (The Servant of Two Masters); fisherman (First They Died , then Got Married); Philippo (An Old Clown Wanted); Electrician (31 June); a rooster (A Simple Story);  husband (The Last Stop); a boy (Bondo’s Night); Johan (Thérèse Raquin); Pomiliko (Still Life with a Fatty Nephew); Major (As Many Demons As You Like); oculist (Syndrome or Who Are You Singing to?!); Cheishvili (White Banners); Theo Sarapo (Edith Piaf); husband (God of Carnage); major (Haifa Hotel); author (Keely and Du); Emil, Gogu, Viorel (The Break Up Man); Father Diego, bishop (Formula of Love or Don Juan); Timote (Khanuma).

Participated in the films and serials: “Libertango”, “Hot Dog”, “One Month as One Day”, “Vacancy on Killer”, “Adventures of Ano and Vano”. 


2008 - Ajara Theatrical Society – prize for the best male actor in the performance “Nugzari and Mephistopheles”.

2018 – Modern Drama International Festival (Romania) - prize for the best male actor in the performance in “The Break Up Man”.

2018 - Ajara Theatrical Society, Iusuf Kobaladze prize

2018 – Batumi City Hall – “Artist of the Year”