Irakli Samsonadze

Position: Head of Literary Part

Playwright, writer

At the Batumi Drama Theatre – since 2014.


Irakli (Lasha) Samsonadze was born on 31 May, 1961. Graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Tbilisi State University (TSU) – 1978-1983).

In 1985 his first play “At Midnight” was published in the journal “Khelovneba”.

In 1992-1996 he was the deputy editor-in chief of the literary almanac “Dramaturgy” and in 1996-1998 – the editor-in-chief of the same almanac.

He is the member of the Georgian Writers’ Union and the Theatrical Union since 1986 till present.

In 1988-1989 he worked at the creative workshop of the film-studio “Georgian Film” under the leadership of Rezo Tabukashvili, where he created scenarios.

Books published:

  1. “Triptych”, Tbilisi, “Merani”, 2000 (plays)
  2. “A Suburb”, Tbilisi, « Sani » publishing, 2003 (stories)
  3. “A Cushion”, Tbilisi, “Arete” publishing, 2004
  4. “A Turkey Egg”,  Tbilisi, “Arete” publishing, 2010


Films with his scripts:

  1. “A Coach on the Highway”, 1989, Director Davit Kvartskhava
  2. “Doga Doga”, 2006, Director Davit Kvartskhava


Performances staged at the theatres in Georgia:

  1. “At Midnight” – Akhaltsikhe theatre, 1985, director G. Matskhonashvili
  2. “A Lucky Ticket” – Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre, 1986-1987 season, Director Gia Antadze
  3. “Easter at a Closed Cemetery” - Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre, 1990-1991 season, Directors G. Tavadze and G. Barabadze, supervisor: Robert Sturua.
  4. “Where Abundantly Flows” - Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre, 1995-1996 season, Director G. Tavadze
  5. “Sweetish, Sad Fragrance of Vanilla” - Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre, 2006, 2007 and 2010 seasons, Directors: Robert Sturua and Andro Enukidze
  6. “A Lucky Ticket” – Youth Theatre, 1986-87 season, Director Shalva Gatserelia
  7. “Easter at a Closed Cemetery” - Youth Theatre, 1990-91 season, Director Shalva Gatserelia
  8. “At Midnight” – Akhmeteli Theatre, 1986-87 season, director Marlen Bestavashvili
  9. “Easter at a Closed Cemetery” - Akhmeteli Theatre, 1991-92 season, Director Giorgi Shalutashvili
  10. “The Fifth Character” - Akhmeteli Theatre, 2007-2008 season, Director G. Shalutashvili
  11. “Where Abundantly Flows” – Rustavi Drama Theatre, 1995-1996 season, Director K. Abashidze
  12. “TV Show for the Sick with Earthquake Syndrome” - Rustavi Drama Theatre, 1996-1997 season, Director L. Svanadze
  13. “Indiko the Turkey’s New Year Adventure” – children’s tale, 1996-1997 season, Director K. Abashidze
  14. “Abeshura – the Last Queen of the Parnavaz Dynasty” – Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre, 2003-2004 season, Director Nugzar Lortkipanidze
  15. “Granny Mariam or the Traditional Georgian Feast” - Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre, 2005-2006 season, Director N. Lortkipanidze
  16. “Visions at the Crossroads” – Tskhinvali Ivane Machabeli State Drama Theatre, 2003-2004 season, Director Aleksandre Kantaria
  17. “The Fifth Character” – Chiatura Akaki Tsereteli State Drama Theatre, 2007-2008 season, Director G. Shalutashvili
  18. “Love on Pedestal” – “Theatre on Atoneli”, 2007, Director Andro Enukidze
  19. “Consensus” – 2008, Director D. Kvartskhava
  20. “In the Evening Garden Like a Colorful Dream” – Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre, 2005-2006 season
  21. In 2007 the first Georgian theatrical series  “13-12=1” was staged at the experimental stage of the Rustaveli Academic Theatre (series author – I. Samsonadze, director – N. Khuskivadze, supervisor – Robert Sturua).
  22. “Banana and Quince Pudding with Cognac and Rome” (Comic fable in one act, co-author Giorgi Tavadze).
  23. “Smoked Moon on the Polished Floor” (comic fable by Irakli Samsonadze and Giorgi Tavadze) – Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre, 2009-2010 season, Director Goga Tavadze



  1. State Prize winner in Literature (Collection of plays “Triptych”, 2001)
  2. Winner of the Literary prize “Kvali”, 2002 for a short novel “A Cushion”
  3. Literary Prize “Saba” for the best play (mono-play “Granny Mariam or a Traditional Georgian Feast”) 2005
  4. Historical-Literary Prize of All Georgia “Davit Aghmashenebeli” for the play “Abreshura - the Last Queen of the Parnavaz Dynasty”, 2010 
  5. First prize for the work “Clinical Wedding” at the Mikheil Tumanishvili Foundation Contest “Modern Georgian Play” in 2010.