Tengiz Shamiladze

Position: Head of Music Part

Tengiz Shamiladze was born on August 30, 1948 in the city of Batumi. 

In 1966 he graduated from high school and the piano department of the Zakaria Paliashvili Music School.

In 1972 he graduated from the Piano Faculty of the Tbilisi Vano Sarajishvili State Conservatoire.

From 1966 worked at the Batumi Music School #1 as a piano and music history teacher.

Since 1974 to present he is the head of the music part at Batumi State Drama Theatre. He has worked on about 120 performances at the Batumi Drama Theatre (music design compilation) and has composed original music for 10 plays.

He has designed music for the performances in Khulo, Ozurgeti, Poti and Marjanishvili State drama theatres.

He has composed original pieces of music for over 20 performances at the Batumi Puppet and Youth Theatre.

On 6 August, 1981 he was awarded the honorary title of the merited artist of Ajara Autonomous Republic for his long fruitful activities.

From 1981 (founding of Ajara TV) to 2007 he worked at Ajara TV as a musical editor, from 1990 – editor-in-chief of musical-entertainment programs, later – as a producer-in-chief. During this period he shot and covered all the cultural events in Batumi as well as throughout the Ajara region. He has shot folklore, classical, pop and drama performances as a TV-director.

During the working period at the Television, together with his colleagues he founded the women’s vocal trio, women’s vocal quartet, men’s vocal quartet, which were supervised by his colleague – Manana Chaushba. Songs performed by these groups were transmitted by the Ajara television. Apart from this, these artistic groups conducted solo concerts on behalf of Ajara Television. 

In 1995, together with his colleagues Manana Chaushba and Giorgi Chichua, he formed a children’s vocal studio “Changi” at the Television, on the basis of which the Children’s Opera and Ballet State Theatre was created, later – the Youth Music Theatre of the Batumi State Music Center. He is currently the artistic director of this theatre. 

In the studio “Changi” young talented singers performed songs of various genres, samples of pop and classical music.

After one of the concerts of the studio “Changi” in 2000 conducted at the stage of the Batumi State Drama Theatre with the repertory of classical music, it was decided to create a Children’s Opera and Ballet State Theatre. Tengiz Shamiladze was appointed as the director of this theatre in December 2000. In the same period an opera performance of “The Princess Turandot” was staged according to his project, with the great support of Manana Chaushba – vocal teacher and chief choirmaster. The opera was staged by the famous Georgian stage-director, People’s Artist of Georgia, the winner of Marjanishvili prizes – Gizo Zhordania.   

For the successful accomplishment of the “Princess Turandot” he was awarded the Memed Abashidze State Prize on 9 November, 2003.

In 2004 the Batumi State Music Center was formed with the attached Children’s and Youth Music Theatre. From 2008 the name was changed into Youth Music Theatre. Since then T. Shamiladze has been the head of this theatre.