Andro Enukidze

Position: Artistic Director

Stage-director, Playwright

At the Batumi Drama Theatre since 2014



Famous Georgian stage-director Andro Enukidze was born on 9 January, 1965.

On 1987 he graduated from the faculty of Drama of the Theatre Institute of Georgia (workshop of Dimitri Aleksidze and Temur Chkheidze).

Author of over forty performances staged at the Rustaveli, Marjanishvili, Music and Drama, Rustavi, Chiatura, Griboyedov, “Theatre of Atoneli”, Free and Batumi theatres, as well as theatres abroad: Opul Kokhanovsky theatre, Wroclaw Spulchesny, Novosibirsk “Old House”, Omsk Fifth and Trabzon State theatres.

Best performances:

  1. Davit Kldiashvili’s “Irine’s Happiness” (Rustaveli Theatre), 1994
  2. “Solomon” (Based on Davit Kldiashvili, Marjanishvili Theatre)
  3. Anton Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard” (Spulchesny Theatre)
  4. Davit Kldiashvili’s “Victim” (Merab Kostava Theatre)
  5. Friedrich Durrenmatt’s “The Visit” (Rustavi Theatre), 1990


  1. “An Incident in Turde” (Based on Jorge Luis Borges), Georgian TV 1st Channel, 1998
  2. Yukio Mishima’s “My Friend Hitler”, Georgian TV 1st Channel, 1999    
  3. “The Night of Many Stars”, TV serial (45 series), script co-authors: Aleksandre (Dato) Kokrashvili, Mikho Mosulishvili, Koba Tskhakaia, Ioseb Mchedlishvili; co-director: Koba Tskhakaia;  Georgian TV 1st Channel, 1999-2000 

Plays and scripts:

  1. “There Is a Premiere Tomorrow” (tragicomedy in two acts, co-author Mikho Mosulishvili), 1989
  2. “The Thirteenth Experimental”  (tragicomedy in two acts, co-author Mikho Mosulishvili), 1991    
  3. “Women in Mist”, 1998
  4. “An Angel with a Suitcase” (synopsis to the script), journal “Tsiskari”, # 5, 2002 
  5. (based on “The Notes from the House of Dead” in one or perhaps two acts), 2005
  6. “Fast Food“ (own play), staged at Avtandil Varsimashvili’s “Free Theatre” – 2010 


  1. A prize of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia for the play “There Is a Premiere Tomorrow” (co-author Mikho Mosulishvili), 1989
  2. A prize of the Ministry of Culture of Georgia for the play “The Thirteenth Experimental” (co-author Mikho Mosulishvili), 1991
  3. The winner of the Rustavi Theatre Festival “Golden Mask” in the nomination “The Best Direction” for the performance “Is the Man Human?!” (Staged together with Robert Sturua) in 2003. 
  4. The winner of the Trabzon Black Sea Countries Theatre Festival (2002-2005)
  5. Grand Prix for the performance at the Ninth Dostoyevsky Theatre Festival in Novgorod in 2005.