M E T R O N O M E or Five Meetings and Nothing Else . . .

One Act


Stage director - Merab Lebanidze

Stage designer - Vera Kipiani

Choreographer - Kote Purtseladze

Assistant director - Nato Glonti


Keti - Ketevan Egutidze

Nika - Davit Jakeli

Silke - Ketevan Baramidze

Zurabi - Levan Tedoradze

Nini - Diana Chakhunashvili 

Director Merab Lebanidze made a choice on Tamar Bartaia's play - "Five Meetings and Nothing ...". The story of the melodramatic genre, performed in a minimalist way, tells the story of five meetings between a man and a woman, where at first glance, "nothing happens", but, in fact, it touches upon the hidden, unexplained layers of human relationships, the human psycho-type, and, "out of nothing", tells a very interesting, deeply sensitive theatrical story.