Georgian Theatre Day

  14 Jan 2021

An event dedicated to the Georgian Theatre Day was held online on 14 January, 2021.  Mr. Giorgi Gegechkori, the Chairman of the Georgian Theatre Society, and Mr. Mikheil Chkhenkeli, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, congratulated theatrical workers on the day of the Georgian theatre.  The traditional awarding ceremony of the theatrical figures was held on the same day: playwright Lasha Tabukashvili was awarded the Giorgi Eristavi Prize, artist Aivengo Chelidze was awarded the Petre Otskheli Prize, theatre critic Nodar Gurabanidze was awarded the Valerian Gunia Prize, actresses Lela Alibegashvili, Tamar Mamulashvili and Marina Janashia were awarded the Veriko Anjaparidze Prize; actors Leo Antadze and Kakhi Kavsadze were awarded the Akaki Khorava Prize; ensemble “Erisioni” was awarded the Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Prize, actress Eka Mzhavanadze was awarded the Sesilia Takaishvili Prize, the merited actor of the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre Berdia Intskirveli was awarded the Giorgi Shavgulidze Prize, actor Levan Gvazava was awarded the Vaso Godziashvili Prize, actress Ana Sanaia was awarded the Medea Chakhava Prize, actor Sandro Samkharadze was awarded the Kote Makharadze Prize, stage director Davit Khorbaladze was awarded the Dimitri Aleksidze Prize, actress Endi Dzidzava was awarded the Salome Kancheli Prize, actress Maia Gelovani was awarded the Marina Tbileli Prize, actress Tinatin Merkviladze was awarded the Elene Chokheli Prize, actress Marina Kharchilava was awarded the Elene Kipshidze Prize, stage director Giorgi Chaladze was awarded the Shalva Gatserelia Prize, Nikoloz Sabashvili was awarded the Givi Sarchimelidze Prize, Davit Tarba was awarded the Archil Chkhartishvili Prize, theatre critics Nikoloz Tsulukidze and Neron Abuladze were awarded the Vasil Kiknadze Prize, actor Nodar Bzhalava was awarded the Shalva Ghambashidze Prize, merited figures of the Georgian theatre were awarded the title of “Amagdari” (“Caring”). 

Andro Enukidze, the artistic director of the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre, spoke about the activities of the Batumi Drama Theatre during the pandemic in TV interviews on the occasion of the Georgian Theatre day. Mr. Enukidze noted that the theatre staged five performances during this period, including the one staged in front of the theatre, one broadcasted live on Ajara TV; the theater also participated in an online international theatrical festival. 

Creative activities are being carried out in the theatre and new performances are being prepared. Upon completion of the pandemic, the Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre will offer the current repertoire as well as premier performances in its three stage spaces.