An incredible story in two acts based on Nikolai Gogol’s “Marriage”


Art design – Tamar Chavchanidze

Composer – Irakli Chachua

Assistant director – Zviad Murvanidze 


Kakha Kobaladze, Marina Burduli, Otar Katamadze, Eka Chavleishvili, Lia Abuladze, Avto Karchava, Zura Kavtaradze, Jumber Kakhidze, Inga Ghirdaladze, Nika Dzidziguri 

A middle-aged civil servant, Podkolyosin is offered by his matchmaker to marry Agafya, merchant’s daughter. Podkolyosin seems to be in want of the marriage but is somehow indecisive. A certain Kochkaryov, the civil servant’s friend, unexpectedly enters the scene. This boisterous man manages to rid Agafya of a number of suitors and disposes her in favor of Podkolyosin. 

The deal is fixed – Agafya and Podkolyosin agree to get married, but at the decisive moment…   an incredible thing happens at the end indeed.